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Five Things Chess has Taught Me.

1. You can't hit a home run every time it's your turn.

2. "Psychologically you have to have confidence in yourself, and this confidence should be based on fact" - Bobby Fischer

3. There is usually more than one way to approach things.

4. Improvement comes only from persistence in hard work.

5. Always remember your mistakes.

Happy Holidays everyone !!! I'm hoping to make it to a tournament at the end of January, even though it will be over a three hour drive. The Mark Oestreich Memorial is in March. This was the tournament I won two years ago and had a performance rating over 2300. I hope to make it the Chicago Open in May. It's been five years since I've played in it. I will keep everyone posted in the meantime.
ciao ciao,

Calvin J. Terlizzi

Magnus Carlsen, 16th World Chess Champion

The World Championship match started Nov. 9th, 2013 in Chennai, India - home of the (now former) World Champion Viswanathan(Vishy) Anand. After four draws in a row the 22-year-old challenger, Magnus Carlsen, got down to business and won game 5 and 6. It became clear that he was rated #1 on the Fide top 100 for a reason. I sent out a tweet after game 6 comparing Carlsen's play to that of the third World Champion, Jose Raul Capablanca with their exceptional endgame play and their style of grinding down their opponents slowly but surely. Carlsen ended up undefeated and the match ended with 6 points to Carlsen and 3 points (from the six draws) to Viswanathan Anand. The chess crown now resides in the Western World (Norway) for the first time since Bobby Fischer.

Chess - 11.15.13

I have been laying off the tactical training on tactics trainer a little bit. I've had a lot go on the past couple of weeks with my move back to Illinois. I've also been following the World Chess Championship match which started on the 8th of this month. The 22-year-old challenger from Norway finally got ahead in the series with a victory today (Round 5 of 12) after the first 4 games that each ended in a draw. I was starting to get a little worried for the sake of chess. I mean, draws are boring (obviously) and a long time ago the Cuban Champion - Capablanca - warned us all of the draw death of chess. His view was that as theory keeps expanding and players get stronger the games will end up nearly all draws (at the top level of course) as the game is believed to be a theoretical draw. Anyways, the win for Carlsen was a bit of a relief. The last round is scheduled November 28th, hopefully we will have a new World Champion (yes, i am routing for Carlsen).�…

Welcome to My Chess Blog

I am Calvin.  This is my chess blog.  Yes, I decided to create a different and separate blog for chess.  And, by different and separate, I mean that everything I write about that has to do with chess (most things) will be posted here and NOT on my homepage at    Mainly I will be posting about my own games and some of my favorite victories (I will also post losses if I find them interesting)    

     I will also be writing about Professional Chess and stuff about my favorite players and their games.  So, tune in, stick around and subscribe for some major awesomeness - chess style.

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