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Chess - 11.15.13

I have been laying off the tactical training on tactics trainer a little bit. I've had a lot go on the past couple of weeks with my move back to Illinois. I've also been following the World Chess Championship match which started on the 8th of this month. The 22-year-old challenger from Norway finally got ahead in the series with a victory today (Round 5 of 12) after the first 4 games that each ended in a draw. I was starting to get a little worried for the sake of chess. I mean, draws are boring (obviously) and a long time ago the Cuban Champion - Capablanca - warned us all of the draw death of chess. His view was that as theory keeps expanding and players get stronger the games will end up nearly all draws (at the top level of course) as the game is believed to be a theoretical draw. Anyways, the win for Carlsen was a bit of a relief. The last round is scheduled November 28th, hopefully we will have a new World Champion (yes, i am routing for Carlsen). Click here for the official website of the match.


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I was satisfied with my results in last weekend's tournament. I got really discouraged after a heart-breaking loss in round 2 to a player rated 300 points higher than me. I call it "heart-breaking" because for a while I was up a pawn and had the advantage. I got too exhausted by the time we reached the endgame, and I lost my ability to focus. I caughed up a couple of pawns and resigned. I imagine if I could have won that game I would have had much better results for this tournament. But, I was still satisfied with myself because I came out of this tournament with a positive score (more wins than losses).

I think I may have over-done it by going to two major tournaments within a couple weeks of each other when I haven't been very active in tournament chess over the past few years. Oh well, I learned a lot.

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