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Chess - 3/6/2014

Today I met with Attila Turzo on ICC (Internet Chess Club) for a chess lesson - the first one I've had in over a year. We analyzed the King's Indian Attack (KIA) for White and looked over a couple of my recent ICC games. I learned that if Black mirrors White's kingside fianchetto, White can still carry out the d3-e4, and Nd2 plan. This line is still considered to be The King's Indian Attack. I played 5.c4 instead which turns the game into the very hypermodern opening called the "Reti" opening.

This coming Saturday - March 8, 2014, I have a tournament here in my hometown. The Mark Oestreich Memorial Tournament. It is a small tournament with only three rounds (a good thing as I often get too fatigued for a fourth round and lose my ability to focus). I need to exercise more often ;) And I am to continue studying KIA ebook that Attila sent me as well as do some tactics training with's "Tactics Trainer". That's all for now. I will keep you guys updated on how the tournament went over the weekend.



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