Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Chicago Open

I finished this tournament 3.5/7. I had hoped on scoring a little higher but I gained 22 points total from the tournament. The competition was tough and the games were exhausting. I finished with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Most of the players were rated higher than me and that's why I DID end up gaining 22 points ELO. I am now rated at 1598 and hope to make it into the next class (class B) after my next tournament - I only need two points for this.

Here is a key game from Round 2 that I would like to show. I call it a key game because if I lost it then that would mean I started out 0 and 2. This would have drained me of confidence for the rest of the tournament (maybe?). The game fizzled out after an extensive endgame. I was able to push my h pawn all the up the board with the protection of my Bishop and King. Black ended up resigning. I played the King's Indian Attack with white - starting out 1.Nf3.

On move 28, my opponent played the bizarre 28 ...Nxf4 which led to his demise.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Upcoming Tournaments

The Chicago Open starts May 22nd and ends May 26th. I am probably going to go to it. This year it is in Wheeling at the Westin North Shore hotel. The last time I went to this tournament was in 2009. I ended the tournament with a 4/7 score (4 wins and 3 losses). I was not very pleased with the result even though I DID gain some rating points from it. I feel confident to get 5/7 or hopefully even 6/7 this year (high expectations). I have been to this tournament a couple times in my teens and it is the biggest one I have ever been too.

Currently the U.S. Chess Championship is going on at the Saint Louis Chess Club. It started May 7th and ends May 20th. Players are battling over a $172,000 total prize fund. First place wins $45,000. Some of the contestants include Gata Kamsky (last year's winner), Timur Gareev, Alex Onischuk, and Varuzhan Akobian. The games start at 1:00 pm Central Time Zone. I, myself, hope to get out there soon and watch a few of the games. Thanks for reading and I will keep you all posted on my chess activities.