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2014 Chicago Open

I finished this tournament 3.5/7. I had hoped on scoring a little higher but I gained 22 points total from the tournament. The competition was tough and the games were exhausting. I finished with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Most of the players were rated higher than me and that's why I DID end up gaining 22 points ELO. I am now rated at 1598 and hope to make it into the next class (class B) after my next tournament - I only need two points for this.

Here is a key game from Round 2 that I would like to show. I call it a key game because if I lost it then that would mean I started out 0 and 2. This would have drained me of confidence for the rest of the tournament (maybe?). The game fizzled out after an extensive endgame. I was able to push my h pawn all the up the board with the protection of my Bishop and King. Black ended up resigning. I played the King's Indian Attack with white - starting out 1.Nf3.

On move 28, my opponent played the bizarre 28 ...Nxf4 which led …

Upcoming Tournaments

The Chicago Open starts May 22nd and ends May 26th. I am probably going to go to it. This year it is in Wheeling at the Westin North Shore hotel. The last time I went to this tournament was in 2009. I ended the tournament with a 4/7 score (4 wins and 3 losses). I was not very pleased with the result even though I DID gain some rating points from it. I feel confident to get 5/7 or hopefully even 6/7 this year (high expectations). I have been to this tournament a couple times in my teens and it is the biggest one I have ever been too.

Currently the U.S. Chess Championship is going on at the Saint Louis Chess Club. It started May 7th and ends May 20th. Players are battling over a $172,000 total prize fund. First place wins $45,000. Some of the contestants include Gata Kamsky (last year's winner), Timur Gareev, Alex Onischuk, and Varuzhan Akobian. The games start at 1:00 pm Central Time Zone. I, myself, hope to get out there soon and watch a few of the games. Thanks f…