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I Drawed a 2000+ Player on FICS

This was a game I played on July 29 against an expert (over 2000 rating) on FICS (Free Internet Chess Server). I played all the right moves in the opening and was able to hold a draw because of this. I decided to play the aggressive 6.Bg5 (I usually played 6.Be2 but this is not my style because naturally I am an aggressive player). I did end up blundering in the middle game and my opponent got up the exchange (he forked my Queen and Rook on move 15 with ...Ng3). This was an elementary blunder. However, later in the middle game my opponent made a mistake that was very similar to my blunder. He played the careless 28 ...Bf8 letting me for HIS queen and rook with 29. Nd7. I actually ended up ahead in material but was not able to convert it into a win. The game ended as a draw, but I was still happy with the result because that was the first time I played an expert and didn't lose.


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