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The 2016 STL Chess Club Thanks Giving Open

I was satisfied with my results in last weekend's tournament. I got really discouraged after a heart-breaking loss in round 2 to a player rated 300 points higher than me. I call it "heart-breaking" because for a while I was up a pawn and had the advantage. I got too exhausted by the time we reached the endgame, and I lost my ability to focus. I caughed up a couple of pawns and resigned. I imagine if I could have won that game I would have had much better results for this tournament. But, I was still satisfied with myself because I came out of this tournament with a positive score (more wins than losses).

I think I may have over-done it by going to two major tournaments within a couple weeks of each other when I haven't been very active in tournament chess over the past few years. Oh well, I learned a lot.

I must also add that I defeated two children (rounds 1 & 6). Why do I mention this? Because when I play kids in the 7 - 11 age range I usually do rea…

Thanks Giving Open 2016 STL Chess Club (Round 6)

On move 30 my opponent played the bizarre Rc8. He saw that it meant I was no longer threatening his Queen as my Rook was pinned to my King. But this move had a simple response: Just take his rook with my rook and I'm up a piece. I guess it was just an outright blunder. I don't know what he was thinking! This is something you would see between two beginners!

One of My Better Games on ICC (played 06.24.2016)

This is one of my better victories on The Internet Chess Club (ICC). I have kept this game in mind for a while and finally decided to share it here on my blog. I played purely positional. Usually I played for dynamic games that involve a lot of tactics, but this win was a little different and I am very proud of it! Enjoy!

Southern Illinois Summer Open 2016 (Round 1)

This was my first tournament in well over a year. I finished it with 2 wins and one loss. Overall I was unhappy with my result because of my poor play in round 2. Here, in the first round, my opponent made an elementary blunder in the opening - losing a piece. It was an easy win from that point on.

What I Think Prevents Chessplayers from Improving

I played many games online when I was a teenager. There were days I would play dozens of Blitz games. Unfortunately I think this was hindering my improvement. The problem with playing many games regularly is that you repeat the same mistakes over and over. The more games you play per day the less likely you are to remember the mistakes. And if you are not carefully going over all the games you play and are not carefully analyzing these games then the mistakes are bound to be repeated. This is the problem. By playing too often you are reinforcing your mistakes and bad decision-making in chess. Your erroneous patterns of thought get ingrained into your playing-style. And I think eventually this can even become impossible to undo. Stop playing so many games! And carefully analyze the games that you do play. You HAVE to remember your mistakes! I believe it is important to cut out Blitz (fast games). It's more important for your chess improvement to play longer games. The…

A Solid Victory on ICC This Saturday Afternoon

I have not played a good solid game in a while. Sometimes when I feel like I am losing my love for chess a good victory lifts my spirits and puts me back in the mood. Unfortunately I do not have any chess software to analyze the mistakes in this game but I have analyzed it by myself and feel I played very well, though I'm sure Fritz or Chessmaster would point out a lot of better moves I could have made. I am going to purchase Fritz 15 and Chessmaster soon. I want to start studying seriously again. I hope you enjoy this game. Thanks for viewing!

What Chess has Taught Me about Life

Persistence is key!  If you want to expand your knowledge in a certain field, you have to stick with the training/studying on a regular basis.  I have not improved my chess game very much over the past decade because I do not devote the time that is required to gain new chess knowledge.  I'll study every now and then.  I'll study openings, middle-games, endgames and tactics.  I forget them, frequently.  The problem is a lack of repetition.  I am not studying these aspects of the game daily.  Chess is all about dedication and training.  If you want to remember what you've studied, then you have to repeat it - daily!

This problem has appeared in my life in areas outside of chess - specifically web design, graphic design and studying foreign languages.  If I had the will to devoted a significant amount of time to studying these fields I would be a lot better off.  I practice graphic design on my computer.  I watch Inkscape tutorials on YouTube.  I successfully make a logo or …