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What I Think Prevents Chessplayers from Improving

I played many games online when I was a teenager. There were days I would play dozens of Blitz games. Unfortunately I think this was hindering my improvement. The problem with playing many games regularly is that you repeat the same mistakes over and over. The more games you play per day the less likely you are to remember the mistakes. And if you are not carefully going over all the games you play and are not carefully analyzing these games then the mistakes are bound to be repeated. This is the problem. By playing too often you are reinforcing your mistakes and bad decision-making in chess. Your erroneous patterns of thought get ingrained into your playing-style. And I think eventually this can even become impossible to undo. Stop playing so many games! And carefully analyze the games that you do play. You HAVE to remember your mistakes! I believe it is important to cut out Blitz (fast games). It's more important for your chess improvement to play longer games. The mistakes you make will feel more significant to you, and you will be more likely to remember them.

I recently purchased Fritz 15 for my desktop. And it is super powerful! I checked the system requirements and what hardware is recommended for the program. Luckily, I have a computer that exceeds the recommended requirements. My computer has a quad-core processor (what happens to be recommended for Fritz 15 and 16 Gigs of RAM - though only 8 Gigs of RAM are recommended). I analyzed my first game with it last night and was quite impressed. I remember 10 years ago using Deep Fritz 8 and being impressed with it calculating close to 3 million positions/second when it was analyzing my games. Fritz 15 was calculating over 9 million at times! This goes to show how technology improves exponentially! I will start posting my games here at "Terlizzi's Chess World" with Fritz analyses again.

Another note: It's important to have a strong engine to go over your mistakes with. But, I believe its also good to review games on your own and come up with your own ideas and strategies and not just your computer's!


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